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Fonts, Symbols, MyLines™
Custom fonts $2.50

Customize your name and address with one of our custom fonts or stick with our Standard option for no charge.

  • Standard Font Free
  • Arcade Font Option
  • Artisan Font Option
  • Calligraphy Font Option
  • Contempo Font Option
  • Script Font Option
  • Windsor Font Option
Custom Fonts Preview
Contempo custom font. Shown on Night & Day check.

Symbols $2.50

Choose a symbol that represents your unique personality! Your symbol will print in the upper left corner of your check, right before your name.

Jesus Fish Symbol
Save the Earth & Environmental Symbol
Smiley & Happy Face Symbol
Eagle Symbol
Rose & Flowers Symbol
Antique Car Symbol
Baseball Player Symbol
Fishing & Bass Symbol
Dog Symbol
Salon & Hairdresser Symbol
Sewing Symbol
Carpentry & Tools Symbol
Diamond Symbol
Construction & Bulldozer Symbol
Forest & Trees Symbol
Paintbrush Symbol
Tow Truck Symbol
Butterfly Symbol
Hunting & Deer Symbol
Dog Symbol
Cat Lover Symbol
Make It Last - Conservation Symbol
Real Estate Symbol
Minnie Mouse Symbol
Goofy Symbol
Donald Duck Symbol
Bee Hive Symbol
Dragonfly Symbol
Betty Boop Symbol
Betty Boop - Lips Symbol
What the World Needs is Jesus Symbol
Firefighter Symbol
Heart Symbol
Beach & Palm Trees Symbol
Music Notes Symbol
Golf Symbol
Sailboat Symbol
Cow Symbol
Horse Symbol
Farm & Barnyard Symbol
House Symbol
Truck Symbol
Medical Services Symbol
Patriotic & American Flag Symbol
Sunglasses Symbol
World Symbol
Angel & Cherub Symbol
Motorcycle Symbol
Animals & Pawprint Symbol
Siamese Cats Symbol
Love One Another Symbol
Soccer Ball Symbol
Mickey Mouse Symbol
Pluto Symbol
Daisy Duck Symbol
Honey Pot Symbol
Bee Symbol
Lady Bug Symbol
Betty Boop - Pudgy Dog Symbol
Betty Boop - Heart Symbol

Symbols are not available on the following check designs: Believe, Bessie Pease Gutmann© Cherubs, Cabin Fever, Corvette®, Churches by Thomas Kinkade, Country Churches, Disney Classics, Disney Classics Series II, Disney Frozen, Disney Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney • Pixar Cars, Disney Princess, Disney Tinker Bell, Disney Villains, Hope for the Cure, Moo Money, NASCAR® Collections, Royal Monogram, Topiaries or Totally Tweety check designs.

Custom Symbols Preview
Sunset symbol. Shown on Island Escapes check.

Mylines™ message $2.50

Make a personal statement with an expressive message! Your MyLines™ message will print above the signature line on your checks.

  • With God, all things are possible.
  • Miracles happen to those who believe.
  • Smile and the world smiles with you!
  • Money talks...mine says good-bye!
  • Dreams matter.
  • Theres a little magic in all of us.
  • Magic happens when friends are together.
  • Count your blessings.
  • Life goes better with friends.
  • We do not own the earth...we borrow it
  • I'd rather be fishing!
  • Gulf War
  • Keep a song in your heart.
  • Season's Greetings
  • Korean War
  • The best things in life are free.
  • Think cheery.
  • Friends are for leaning on.
  • A smile makes all the difference.
  • Dreams make the world go 'round.
  • A little pixie dust goes a long way.
  • Small, but feisty!
  • Vietnam War
  • Con Dios, todo es posible.
  • World War II

MyLines™ are printed to match the lettering style you choose for your checks. Designer Checks reserves the right to not print certain messages. MyLines™ are not available on the following check designs: DC Heroes; Disney Frozen; Disney Pirates of the Caribbean; Disney • Pixar Cars; Disney Princess; or Disney Villains.

MyLines™ message
‘With God, all things are possible.’ MyLines™ message. Shown on Believe check.